Citation conventions

Information used in the Plant-SyNZ™ database comes from both published and unpublished sources. 'Citations' are used to show the source of information. Citations are shown mainly in reports giving the reasons for a reliability score and the tag names for undescribed species.

Citation conventions: reasons for reliability score

Where the information is based on unpublished information, this is acknowledged by giving the persons name, including initials, and the year when the information was provided, e.g. example AN Other 2003 or NA Martin 1999.

Where the information is published, scientific journal type of formats are used with the author(s) name and the year of publication, e.g. Other 2003 or Martin & Other 2004. Note that the author initials are not used in citations of published information. In the database reports, full details of where an item was published can be found by clicking on the citation.

Where a published source quotes another source for the supporting information, both the primary and secondary sources are given.

Citation conventions: tag names

Names used for undescribed species are based on published and unpublished sources.

Published sources give the name of the author(s) and the year of publication, e.g. Liriomyza sp. 'Hydrocotyle' (Spencer 1976) for a species of leaf mining fly found in Hydrocotyle.

Unpublished sources of names are similar but insert "of" after the tag name and the author and year are not in brackets, e.g. Phytomyza sp. 'Ranunculus reflexus' of Martin 2001 for a leaf and stem mining fly in Ranunculus reflexus.

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