What is the invertebrate herbivore - host plant association (Plant-SyNZ™) database?

This database is available on line and focuses on New Zealand native plants and New Zealand native invertebrate herbivores (insects and mites). It includes naturalised and cultivated plants that host native herbivores and adventive and overseas invertebrate herbivores that feed on native plants. The database features a reliability score that indicates the quality of the information supporting an association.

The Plant-SyNZ™ database will enable a user to search for and obtain a list of herbivores associated with a particular plant or search for and obtain a list of plants associated with a particular herbivore.

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Links to other databases

The database is linked to the Landcare Research Flora and Bugs (invertebrates) databases, NZbugs and NZflora. Using the "links" tab it is possible to start with either the flora database or the bugs database and go to Plant-SyNZ™ and then from Plant-SyNZ™ to either the flora or bugs database. For example a person could start in the flora database, find a plant of interest, from the links tab click onto the Plant-SyNZ™ icon, use Plant-SyNZ™ to find the invertebrate herbivores associated with the plant, then through the links tab click on the bugs database icon to find out more about the insect or mite.

Explanation of terms and conventions used in the database reports

The use of technical terms and jargon has been kept to a minimum. An explanation is provided in the pages listed below.


The project has been made possible through the collaboration of two New Zealand Crown Research Institutes, Crop & Food Research and Landcare Research, and with the support of the Terrestrial and Freshwater Biodiversity Fund (TFBIS) Programme. The TFBIS programme is funded by Government to help achieve the goals of the New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy, and is administered by the Department of Conservation.

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