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We are interested in feedback on all aspects of Plant-SyNZ™.

In particular, we would like to know what you think about the following:

Which Plant-SyNZ™ pages have you tried/examined?

How clear were the photographs?

Was the description of each invertebrate accompanying each photograph adequate/helpful?

Was the selection of invertebrates appropriate for each level of expertise?

Some sheets had photographs of invertebrates that were not to be counted at a particular level of expertise. Was this useful?

Was it useful to have a list of ‘other host associations’?

In the event that a new association is found, are the instructions suitable and clear?

Is the explanation about the levels of expertise and equipment needed clear?


Is the information provided for identifying the host plant suitable and clear?

What do you think about the idea of providing information on the biology of some of the invertebrates in a separate series of publications? Have you any suggestions about content and layout?

Any other comments...

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